Re-designing Sketch
Eder Rengifo

I’ll be on the grouchy negative side.

What’s presented is a feature request with solution bound by an already existing solution. Re-designing should be thinking outside the box, especially when it is as mentioned an unsolicited one.

Exploration of what a product (Sketch in this case) should become, not what it already is with few things moved around for better accessibility. You’ll get a nod for that, but not a proper pat on the back.

Let me throw you a few ideas:

  • Integration of top plugins, such as Craft, Silver Flows, Auto-layout
  • Evolution of Symbols. That dropdown is probably not enough for highly systematic and visual persona, that Sketch user is
  • Better screens management. When you get to a few dozen it becomes cumbersome and naming is all that keeps it together, rather than a simple interface. Imagine sorting screens by flow, by user privilages, event, etc
  • Presenting a workflow is a big pain right now if you want to see the big picture you basically have to double the work, instead of just drawing onto the sheet

Those are just some of the parts that actually need redesigning and you won’t end up repeating, that there are no big changes actually necessary, because Sketch is so great — it’s OK at best.

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