Dear Men, Here’s Why ‘Believing’ in Equality Doesn’t Make You a Feminist
Himel Sarkar

Himel, next time you want to make a constructive contribution to feminism or any social issues, try not be imitate Donald Trump by shouting at your readers. Civility goes a long way. Also, refrain from using gifs — if your intention is to inform and further the debate or argument — construct an argument and build on it. Or else, go to 9GAG or Buzzfeed or those innumerable clickbait websites.

Once you can take care of these two things, we can then talk about your points. As of now, I will refrain from pointing out the inadequacies in your ‘article’.

In case you’re unable to follow these simple guidelines — I’d suggest on modifying your tagline from “Satire, politics, feminism and urban shit” to “Satire, politics, feminism and shit.”

To the medium editors: Is your editorial policy to pander to the lowest common denominator of your reading audience? Good grief, I thought you folks were trying to make a website worthwhile to visit and spend time on. Instead, I get an article from a writer foaming at the mouth..

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