Andela Boot Camp Day 3

This first step to solving any problem begins with first understanding the problem, when understanding has been achieved, then and only then can you begin solving it.

Today is the final day of the home study session and by far the toughest for me. For the previous days, just by look at the questions and the tests, I had a rough idea on how to proceed but not for the Binary Search.

From the question to the tests, I was blank on how to proceed for the first 45 minutes. I just stared until I resolved to solve it on way or the other, I said to myself “Eguono, you can do this”. My first task was understanding the problem which came when I finally understood the Array.prototype method and my breakthrough came.

Moving to the front-end task was like icing on the cake, it was a relief after the challenge I faced but the joy when I finally solved the problem reminds me why I love programming.

I kept on moving, I persevered and was triumphant, I kept on going!!!. One thing is for sure, Andela Bootcamp has allowed me to overcome my limits.