Andela Bootcamp, Learning to learn

Becoming a world class developer is more than becoming proficient in any one language. From the 1960’s, there have been thousands of programming languages and millions of frameworks and libraries in different languages, learning becomes more than just a skill for a developer, it becomes a way of life.

On the second day of the Andela Bootcamp, this reality is becoming more predominant as we face the daily tasks, coming in contact with new technologies and learning to apply and implement them shows the importance of learning as a way of life. I learnt how to work with public APIs, understanding that the process is similar to working with databases (noSQL), as the API’s tend to be in JSON format.

I believe that is the true essence of a world class developer and the Andela boot camp instills that mindset in the boot campers, showing us that it’s not how much you know but how well you are willing to learn and learn very well.

On my Journey to become a World class developer, I will push myself to learn, unlearn and relearn to not just remain relevant but to thrive.