So, I am now an Andelan, What next?

So, after four applications, two bootcamps, I finally made it into Andela and it was worth every second.

Through the application process, I learnt a little about Andela, but coming here has been a whole new experience and quite frankly the best working environment I have ever been to.

On the first day, I learnt what it means to be part of Andela, understanding that I am part of a movement of people with the mission to change the technological landscape of Africa, Further re-enforcing my belief that no man is an island, that collaboration in one form or the other is a major key to success.

So far this week(my first week) has been an awesome experience, I understand now that it is okay if you make a mistake, it is your reaction to that mistake that determines if you would succeed or not.

So, I am now an Andelan, what next?, how do I go from here to being a world class developer. I know you expect a formula on how to go about that but the simple truth is “Owing your Learning”. Understand that your progress is a function of your mindset and the amount of work you put towards achieving your goal. Andela has provided the right environment for that to happen, the right people to mentor you, the right timeline in the form of checkpoints to measure your progress, so quite frankly, you have no reason to not become worldclass.

As for me, I have resolved to be the best, hence the need to properly plan and manage my time, put in the my best effort while meeting and exceeding what is expected of me.

Both one fact is sure, Andela is fun, awesome and a wonderful community.

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