Throughout the course of media analysis, I have learned a lot about media consumption and its influence on society. From the introduction unit to the final advertising project, the class examined and analyzed the affects of media and its portrayals. We learned about the subtle messages that media transmits, which allows me to be more attentive and aware of the media that I am consuming. I have become much more aware of bias in media and I learned that the way information is presented can drastically change the way someone perceives the information. Overall, Media Analysis made me realize the importance of media, how much it influences our lives, and the fact that people must be active consumers to try and have more control in the information we receive.

When I was a sophomore, several senior girls on tennis told me that I had to sign up for media analysis. They told me “take advanced comp because it’s good for writing, and then take media because all you do is watch movies”. So with their advice in mind, I signed up for media. On the first day of class, I was annoyed that it The Allegory of the Cave like sophomore year HWLC. I was worried that what we learned in class wouldn’t be that in depth and we wouldn’t learn anything that applied to our lives. However, after a few days in class, I was happy to discover that everything we would talk about in class directly related to how I perceive media, and its affects on society. The class required more writing than I originally thought it would, but it was not anything excessive. I liked that we got to chose what we wrote about, and the fact that we had so much notice that it was due made the blogs even more doable. The variety of information and clips given made the class move quickly, and it kept it from getting dull and repetitive.

In media, we had a News and Info unit, but I honestly wish that we spent more time on it. I think that is it incredibly important to understand how it works, and ways that people can become more aware of the information that they are consuming in order to become more active and engaged. I would have liked to look at more examples and analysis, and spend more time learning about its implications and affects. For me personally, I wish that I participated more throughout the class. I knew and understood the information, and enjoyed the analysis, but part of me was also worried that whatever I said would be wrong or dumb. Having a participation grade or Socratic seminars would force people like me to become more active in class and further analyze the class material from different perspectives.

Although the ad unit is important to increase our understanding of the implications of media and how they affect our decisions, a lot of what we learn seemed repetitive. The 15 appeals, while nessesary, were also touched upon in other classes at Prospect (soc, psych, AP Lang). I think that going over them is important, but could have been done much faster, with more emphasis on its effect. This would continue to teach students in media the implications of media and how to gain more control in the media that they consume.

. Throughout media, my analysis writing has improved drastically. The “so what?” Statements and effects for evidence have improved while writing blogs. Overall, I think it can attribute this improvement to the viewing guides. Having sections clearly laid out with spaces for evidence and analysis provided a visual for what needed to be written and it made it much easier to connect my ideas. The blogs were helpful because they allowed me to continue to practice me analysis, while watching shows that I enjoy. The amount of blogs that we wrote were good. The in class essays (ALTHOUGH THE HONDA AD WAS NOT OBVIOUSLY THE SUPERIOR AD :) ) were fair assessments of what we were learning in class, and provided the outlines that we were given before hand made it clear what we were supposed to analyze and discuss.

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