Fragile Masculinity

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Pants Down

I felt pleasure

But why then

I know now

It felt good

Or what it was I can’t tell

Her weapons were secrecy and darkness

Now I feel the pain

Many years later

I should have fought back

But it was late and this is now

It is too late

I should have told

But I was a boy

So no one cares

Now my body and soul are incarcerated.

I fight back tears

Like she fought back

When I thrust myself in

That should not have happened

Like those dark nights with Aunty

Do not apologize to me

I am a man

I got my revenge

But the victim is innocent

Nevertheless don’t tell me I am wrong

I am a man

David Egwede

Awkward, Nigerian, Christian, Writer………. What I write is my opinion, your comments are yours.

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