Solar Power Options Best Source of Renewable Energy

Solar power is the best alternate source of energy. It does not pollute or need any moving parts. The silent source of power is good for the environment as it is for us.

Find out your power need

Easiest way to get the solar power grid together is to order them online. However, you need to know how much power you need and what type of grid you will use. This will help you make the estimate about your solar power panels and battery packs. You also need an efficient circuit switcher if you need continuous energy supply. For those who live in major cities like New Delhi, Aligarh, or Udham Singh Nagar, the chances are you already have a solar dealer nearby. Say, you live in Udham Singh Nagar, you can find out more about the power needs from the solar charge controllers suppliers in Udham Singh Nagar.

Buy the panels

One can buy different kinds of solar panels. The cheap ones are the thin film silicon panels. These do not cost much but they do not produce that much of power either. Due to this, you need double the number of panels compared to the other types of panels.

One can buy the crystalline panels. These produce good power. We call this method of producing power as photovoltaic action and so we sometimes refer to these panels as photovoltaic panels or PV panels. This action refers to the chemicals used in the panels that release an electric current when the sunlight hits the panel. We collect this current and store it in battery packs.

Get the battery

The size of the battery packs will depend on your personal needs. The bigger the pack, the more power it will deliver. Usual size of the battery is 12V, 24V, or 48V. You can use bigger battery packs if needed. Typically, you must use 30% more power than the total power of all the devices in the house. This means that you must use 1234W battery pack if your total need is 864W.

Use a good inverter

The quality of the power depends on what inverter you choose to use. If you use a high quality pure sine wave inverter, you will get low sound, high efficiency power that you can use in the house. If you opt for a cheaper square wave or modified wave inverter then the sound of the inverter will be more and efficiency less. The appliances that use this energy will heat up since the conversion of energy is not good.

Keep the power in the grid on

One must use a circuit switcher or go and switch the power on and off manually. You need this because sometimes the power in the solar grid is low. Then you must switch over to the regular supply grid so that you have power in the house always. The circuit switcher senses when the power is low and automatically switches the power to the other grid.

Solar equipment is not a fad that will disappear; solar energy is the power of the future and one must accept this fact. It will stay long and pass on to our children. We must make the first move and show the way to the future for our children.

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