The Recovery Mafia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin-related overdose deaths have increased 286 percent nationwide since 2002.

Bill “Tiny” Lawson was looking for a way combat these tragic statistics.

The Warriors Project was founded by Bill Lawson. He created this organization a year ago for everyone affected by the disease of addiction. The project’s members include those suffering from addiction and families affected.

Tiny, being a recovering addict himself, created the Warriors Project to be a family for those that want to recover. It is a faith based recovery program. Meetings are held every Saturday morning at Love Canton Church in downtown Canton. During the meetings, members in recovery will speak about his or her experience with the hopes of showing other addicts in the throes of addiction the way out. Also, parents that have lost children to addiction will share their struggles watching an addict suffer.

They call themselves the Recovery Mafia.

“The definition of that is a band of criminals that come together as a family and once you’re in, you’re in.” said Melody Wilcox, the prayer warrior for the Warriors Project.

In addition to the weekly meetings the members of the Warriors Project are also involved in other recovery efforts in Northeast Ohio. They work with parents of children lost to addiction, take part in the Opiate Task Force meetings, travel around the state to heroin rallies. The Warriors Project has also partnered up with Hope Dealer Ministries and the F*ck Heroin Foundation to bring recovery to those in need.

The members work with those new in recovery to get them into crisis or detox centers, treatment facilities and programs, as well as providing transportation to meetings and events.

Tiny believes that “giving addicts a strong support system is the best start to recovery. It is peer to peer counseling on steroids.”

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