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It’s history: Actually we have the electoral college because in the old days the outlying states had no means of fast communication and most residents didn’t even know who the candidates were. So they invented the Electoral College to counter this.

They teach varied other reasons in red states, but this is the simple truth as to why we have the electoral college…………………to keep the South and mid west in the loop.

it is now way outdated and belies the term one man one vote.

Even worse, MUCh worse……………..the senate…………….In California 39,000,000 citizens elect 2 senators, in Alaska 700,000 citizens elect 2 senators. in the old days the numbers were much closer, but now it means that a poorly educated Alaskan has 55 times the voting power of a well educated Californian. (They have some of the best schools in the world). One man one vote? It is time the whole system was revamped to reflect the current populations and not as things were in the 1700's.

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