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Now we will read, from Trumpanzees, about how inaccurate the tweets were. Why do people defend this liar in chief. Even FOX news is confused about what he says…… it changes so frequently.

Example: His Taiwan call. For 3 days ALL Trump representatives and Trump were claiming it was just a simple phone call.

4ht day: Now they disclose it was all part of a grand and planned strategy to get tough with China.

How is Fox News supposed to know this? They are the mouthpiece of the Republican Party and they have no clue what he means when he speaks. I heard one of the talking heads say yesterday, you can’t believe what Trump says until he tweets it…then it is final. (That’s a HUGE laugh…….he manages to tweet the opposite about one subject over and over, switching one way and then another…………………and still strange Republicans defend each of the twists and turns as if any one of them was a fact. (By fact I mean truth for those that aren’t too familiar with the term)

I can see no benefit to this flopping back and forth and yet, we are told it’s good for America to have someone who lies perhaps 80 to 90% of the time.

My God, how long will it be before we are at war with some offended nation because of something Trump said and then changed his mind and then changed his mind again?

Like GW Bush, his best defense is his choice of VP…………’s the reason nobody in the world ever took a shot at GW Bush……………because the alternative was even worse.

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