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So interesting that the Trump voters think that gerymandering is ok…….they also think it’s OK to steal a Supreme Court judge choice apparently. I am so sick of hearing about their one sided biased views on everything.

Just read that Pence appointed a judge to a city before he leaves office……a judge who never went to law school……………’s the head of the Republican Party though and she wants thew job.

But our President Obama cannot appoint a Supreme Court justice, as per the constitution and the GOP rural redneks seem to be fine with this completely one sided nonsense.

Democrats have taken this kind of nonsense for decades and I am ashamed of them, it’s time for the MAJORITY of voters (ie Democrats) to stand up for themselves and not suffer this garbage from backwoods fools anymore. Do you really want the male equivalent of Sarah Palin to be choosing Supreme Court judges when they have NO right to do so and will once again begin our downward spiral into a theocracy.

I am ashamed that our Democrat politicans in Washington just lie down every time another “Ted Cruz yo yo stands up to read us about green eggs and ham.

CHANGE the elections to make them fair again or don’t even hold the darn farces that they call elections.What is the point in pretending they are close to being fair?

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