A group of beta readers, people who read each other’s work and comment thoughtfully, helpfully, critically, but kindly.
Wake Up and Smell the Fiction
Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

I’m with you on these four points. Medium seems to have some structural barriers to this.

  • private notes are limited (400 char?).
  • comments are public, so they don’t lend themselves to negative criticism or to detailed editorial work.
  • drafts can be opened for feedback, but this requires publishing the draft’s URL, which essentially makes it public, without the (extremely minimal, apparently) barrier publication puts on trolling and junky replies.
  • people’s profiles don’t include email addresses. Probably a good thing. but blocks another way serious communication might occur.
  • the ‘fiction’ tag is no guarantee of anything.
  • the desire to ‘get read’ pushes people to send out short things. Most good literature will be more than a three or five minute read.
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