Digitisation: The Doctor of all necessities

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in 2016 notified an evolved set of Standards for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) for India. The Government of India has recognised the fact that an individual’s treatment can be clinically carried out only with the access to their thorough medical records.

They have hence, taken measures to ensure the availability of arranged and clinically relevant summary of the various events in the life of an individual.

Digitisation of medical records

Digitisation of medical history, however, has far-reaching advantages than just for the patient. The healthcare industry itself as a whole can profit from such a daring but necessary move.

The medical community consists not only of doctors and nurses but also includes healthcare institutions, hospitals, NGOs, government clinics, health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals and health policy makers.

The medical community

Documentation of such kind and on such a large scale gives the industry a deep insight into the history and health trends of the entire nation.

First and foremost, the idea of a person having his/hers entire clinical records digitised is in itself a step towards technological progress for our country.

Having said that, the advantages for the healthcare industry have been, unsurprisingly, vast;


Complete and accurate records of a patient’s health will aid the doctors and clinicians to diagnose more accurately at the time of the patient’s visit.

Availability of information at their fingertips (literally) will help in cases of emergencies and last minute treatments. Allergies, medications to avoid and knowledge of past procedures will help them save lives

Coordinated healthcare can be taken care of from remote locations as well especially when doctors or clinicians are unavailable during emergencies.

Sharing the patient’s health information with family members will facilitate the decision-making process and speed up the process of getting due signatures, permissions and paperwork.

approaching family members for permissions

Reminders of appointments and tests to both doctors and their patients will save time, administrative process and maybe even a patient’s life.

Coding and billing of receipts will be automated to reduce the administrative processes.

online billing to reduce processes

Reliable e-prescriptions will eliminate human error as well as maintain a record of past medications for any doctor’s reference.

Doctors have to manually keep a record of their patient files which sometimes becomes time-consuming. They end up either leaving the paperwork out or putting in fewer hours for patient treatments. EMR will reduce paperwork for doctors enabling them to concentrate more on the treatment and diagnosis as well give them more time to receive more patients.

reduced paperwork, faster admissions

Digital records will enable doctors to maintain a regular follow up with all their patients. Follow-ups are important in cases of chronic conditions, post — op recovery, etc.

Doctors can share information, keep themselves updated about verification and potential flagging of dangerous or risky medicines and or tests and procedures.

flagging risky treatments and medication

A doctor’s access to medical records will let him/her contribute to better understanding and research of sickness patterns, causations and health problems in the country.

With the help of links to disease databases, Doctors will be able to warn their patients and make contingencies in case of epidemics and quarantine situations.

With the above-mentioned benefits, EMR can revolutionise India’s healthcare industry for the better. Such changes will only positively affect the entire nation.

How can we help?

We, at NCord have developed the product, eHealthCard and its services foreseeing such a grand development of digitisation. Our EHR incorporated mobile application and card has already been accepted and implemented by the governments of the United States of America, Australia and Singapore which lets eHealthCard easily facilitate all those advantages and more!


  1. Increased revenue due to less paperwork
  2. Reduce administrative overhead
  3. Faster workflow which will help faster treatments and less waiting queues at the emergency
  4. Legal records available for defence in case of mistreatment amongst staff or patients.
Seamless work flow


  1. Easy claim process as insurance options will be available in the mobile application
  2. Efficient customer service from insurance companies to help their patients
  3. Increased number of customers due to smoother processes
  4. Promotion of additional services with ease to access patients
Real time insurance claims

It is known that doctors, especially at small clinics and individual practices are bogged down with administrative responsibilities which can take time away from their core commitment to their patient’s i.e. accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Hence, for them to not worry or get hassled about administrative processes, eHealthCard provides them with

  • Access to medical records anywhere on any electronic devices such as phones or tablets.
  • Online appointments
  • Complete medical history of the patient to avoid any mishaps caused by miscommunication, forgetfulness or simple human error.
  • Their profiles with their complete medical education and experience will also be made available to the patients so that their practice is transparent and available to anyone who needs help.

eHealthCard goes a step ahead and aims at not just unifying the Indian healthcare industry, but also globalising the entire phenomenon. Our mission is to provide the best available healthcare options to our customers.

Keeping these pivotal services in mind we have now made it easy for patients to consult doctors and healthcare providers from any part of the world. Our features of online chat and video conferencingwith doctors abroad are just a small step towards globalisation and ease of access to affordable healthcare.

To express our goodwill and sincere efforts we are providing these services to all the doctors and patients for free.
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