Thank you, for the Powerful Impact you have


In honor of Monday’s boss appreciation day, celebrating all leaders that provide guidance by sending our sincere gratitude and discussing the important role you serve. Thank you to all leaders that provide guidance and valuable opportunities. Your influence and lasting impression you leave even after the time you offer guidance and serve as a leader has and will continue to have far-reaching effects in many impactful, powerful ways. This appreciated.

Leaders — Please be aware of your role and the magnitude of this potential outreach in the influence you sometimes exert when guiding or supervising employees.

Pictureby by Tammay Vora, QAspire.coe, references TEDtalks Jim Hammerly on Leadership

Leaders, you have a big role and a large amount of responsibility as a boss and someone who has the power to influence people with lasting outcome — such as changing the choices and paths of the people they guide, shaping their perspective in ideally a positive way — (some leaders that are forward-thinkers may consider it this to be opportunity, chance to drive positive change with intentional impact) Those that guide, please be cognizant of how your role will influence others, that guidance has significant value and continues to shape the lives of others beyond the present, and be aware of the magnitude that your impact can have on people.

In closing, I end with words that convey sentiment of today’s topic — yet concisely capture the idea of leadership and the impact your guidance can have in a better fashion. Expressed with just a few poignant words, Sheryl Sandberg wisely describes how great leaders serve to guide others with a lasting, powerful impact. Simply stated, Sandberg remarks with wisdom, “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”

To all, please share what you think about the role of a leader? What has shaped you personally? What characteristics define a good boss and distinguished them from a remarkable leader-mentor? Have bad bosses impacted you with poignant memories — propelled you to advance because of the experience you had? What experience from your leaders and bosses has shaped you? Thoughts?

In appreciation of all bosses — Thank you, for shaping us through your guidance. While we celebrate you this week officially, everyday we are grateful. In honor of Boss Appreciation Day — Oct 16, 2017 –

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