If I die in police custody


they killed me.
i didn’t commit suicide.
don’t believe their lies. don’t let them tell you it was my history of depression.

Do not believe them when they tell you I was resisting arrest.

Know that if it happens, that I was calm through it all and I obeyed their commands because I feared for my life.

Know that I am not a terrorist.
Know that I pushed to fight for my family and community. Know that I wanted to make change. Know that I was taking action on my goals and dreams.

This is the image I would prefer for you to use in the media

Please do not use any image that will make me look like a person that people should not care about.

Please know that I am a mother, artist, writer, tech professional and not another black woman who died in police custody.

Know that I left behind 5 kids.

Jaylen, Aaliyah, Chloe, Alexis and Ade

Tell them that I love them and I never stop thinking about them. Remind them to pray, all the time and not only pray for yourself but pray for others. Pray for others more than you pray for yourself. And that its ok to make mistakes

Know that I left behind a husband

Abdullateef, comfort him and tell him that it will be okay. Finish our dream and move our children to a different country. Because I believe that the United States of America may not care about us anymore.

Know that I left behind 2 brothers.

Fermin and Norman.

And know that my brother Norman has autism, so if you see him acting out, know that it is a mental disability and not an angry black man. Please do not shoot him down. Please tell them that I love them. Tell them to keep the family together.

Tell my community that I tried.

Tell my friends and loved ones to fight smart and not with pure anger or revenge in their hearts.

#ifidieinpolicecustody please take the time to realize that there is a big problem in our system and it is time to come together, literally drop what you are doing and get the community together so we can take action on making this problem better.

#ifidieinpolicecustody please record video. Please let justice be served.

#ifidieinpolicecustody please bury me next to my father, so I can finally say goodbye.

#ifidieinpolicecustody share this piece. So the truth can be told about me.