ChristSplaining and Racism : The reality of the ‘Merikan Idiot.

With the disastrous 2016 election of ‘Merika poster boy Donald Trump, we have seen a resurgence of the american idiot.

For those of you not inclined to great taste in music, I am referencing the song American Idiot which was also the name of the seventh album by American rock band Green Day. The song starts like this :

Don’t wanna be an American idiot
Don’t want a nation under the new media
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind-fuck America

Quite interesting that this song came out in 2004 during a regular time in our countries history : we are invading another country in the guise of freedom. This time its Iraq that the United States of ‘Merika is committing genocide and war crimes. The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission would later convict George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and more. Too bad they were all tried in absentia though because we might actually have some justice in this country.

During these war times Merikan Idiots, will wear stupid cartoon laden shirts with some “Patriotic” message (Read: Racist or Nationalist) about how bombing the shit out of women and children is cool(Maybe not the exact tone that is used). Hate crimes weren’t so much hate crimes to the majority of the misinformed public : You’re either with US or the Terrorists, as some delusional racist idiot defined it.

Shoot forward 13 years and we have the story of Amber Elizabeth Hensley, a certified public accountant in Fargo, North Dakota. This is her threatening to kill three Fargo citizens ,originally from Somalia, in a Walmart parking lot.

Her behavior is totally vile and now quite commonplace and sure enough her car had a “Trump sign” according to Soyan. “I am an Merikan and you’re not” and she continues on with “We’re going to kill all of you, we’re going to kill every one of you fucking Muslims.” she said. As of right now she hasn’t been charged with a hate crime nor do I expect her to as North Dakota doesn’t classify this as a hate crime according to Barry Nelson, of the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition. Convenient in a state known for its racism and fear during the NoDAPL protests. When asked for a comment from Horab & Wentz, CPA, the place of employment for Amber Hensley, I learned that she has been fired and that “They don’t have any problems with Muslims or any religions.” They had “also received about 500 phone calls from all over the world including Australia.” So while the state of North Dakota may not take appropriate action it seems her ex employer did.

Ms. Hensley made a facebook post trying to ChristSplain her way through the incident in a pathetic attempt not to get tried in the court of public opinion.

She justifies her disgusting behavior by saying that either Rowda Soyan, Sarah Hassan or Laleyla Hassan “swore” at her and called her “Fat” before she started bringing up Jesus, as if thats going deescalate anything. Her profile as of right now has been deactivated. These are the “go to” reasons for your average idiot. This is more apparent in a ChristSplainer.

ChristSplaining happens in ‘Merika when a racists/nationalists loses their shit over meaningless things in life, whether it be not receiving their BigMac under a minute or when someone cuts them off in traffic. They can’t control their privileged little minds so they freak the fuck out and decide that they will attack the other person with all types of racist words they don’t normally say that one Sunday a month when they go to church. Then they get caught either on video, by the police, or in a news article. Some kind of public embarrassment happens. Instead of being a real adult about it and chalk it up to lack of parental guidance, intestinal fortitude, or just a lack of overall control of their bodily functions, they say “It was not the Christian thing to do, sorry Y’all!” It happens more often than not when its possible that that those on the receiving end of their idiocracy are of Muslim faith. This is a Public Relations tactic as its easily forgivable by other ChristSplainers if the person is Muslim. The battle between those two religions is over 2000 years old.

This is the ‘Merikan Idiot in its finest form. The one that doesn’t actually understand the immigration policies or procedures or understand that those who work for it cherish living in this country more. The one that doesn’t understand that they were born onto a land that was taken from the very people who cultivated it for 1000’s of years without poisoning one river or aquifer. The one who thinks we deserve to be in Iraq because we are giving the Iraqi people “FREEDOM!”. The ones whose children grow up drinking water from the “Sacred Bottle of Plastic”. They are also the naive ones who believe every racial divide, post, article and website they read on the internet. Because of course if its on the internet its true.

‘Merikan idiots are the first to tell someone to “Go back to their own country!” and to “Get off our land!” but calling it a resurgence is misleading. Truth is its always been there. With the cellphone saturation in the market, the “internet in every device” craze and the ten devices in every home phenomenon we are just seeing the ‘Merikan idiot come out of its natural habitat and make more blundering moves on the world stage.

and Boy being an american citizen, am I fucking embarrassed.

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