Happy Birthday To THE Special One

To my best friend, my favorite person on the planet, my soul mate and my world, Happy Birthday to you;

Today is a celebration of the day you were born and I wish that your birthday be as incredible as you are.
On your special day, I just want to wish you the greatest happiness and fulfillment that can be found in the world, on this special day, I want to remind you that I love you like crazy,
like what if tomorrow never comes type of crazy.
I want to spoil you silly, like pluck the stars out of the skies and give you all I’ve got type of silly. I fell in love with the most amazing lady, one with a pure heart, strong willed and absolutely beautiful outside and within.

I also want to use this occasion to remind you that at all times I got you, I will stay as your support system, your right hand guy, that person you call from a thousand miles just to pour out your rants, that person you discuss all those ‘flying over my head geology gibberish’ with, that guy who constantly stands in your corner and cherishes you every single day because you are God’s blessing to me.

God said with you, I could not, would not lose,
and I realize how right He is when I look at your face
and see the stars, see the laughter and see the radiance you exude.
You are a dream come true, an inspiration and I celebrate with you as you begin this journey. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, in health, wisdom and excellence may you dwell.

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