Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Why sports nutrition is important for athletes to perform well.

Today in our society there is so much food, food that comes from many different places and made from many different things. Most of the food we find on the shelves in grocery stores are unhealthy foods. The cheaper food we find is unhealthy, the healthier foods we should be eating are more expensive and just not an option for some families. But it is important for people, especially athletes, to be eating healthy.

It is very important for athletes to get the correct amount of calories, water, nutrients, proteins, etc. because you loose a lot while exercising and playing sports. Every sport and the amount of time you play that sport a day determines how much you need to eat and the amounts of different nutrients and water you need. The more physically active you are and the higher the intensity of the sport require more nutrients, water, and calories, because you burn off more calories, sweat more, and need more energy.

Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do stay healthy playing sports. Drinking water before, during, and after physical activity is important to do, drinking drinks with electrolytes is also beneficial. It is also very important to be getting enough carbohydrates, fats, protein,and creatine. Carbohydrates give you the sugars you need for energy. Fats are important to have because they absorb nutrients, the best fats to intake are unsaturated fats. Protein is extremely important because protein builds muscle, bones, tissue,cartilage, skin, and blood. Creatine helps store and provide energy in your body.

I am a swimmer and I practice six days a week for two hours every practice. I have always been told it is very important to have a healthy diet. But junk food is so good. I love eating cookies, and ice cream, and donuts, and all of this food that isn’t good to have all the time. I also love eating fruits, I love apples so much if I could eat apples all day long I would. I also enjoy eating other fruits and vegetables. I also eat yogurt, and bread and other foods that are good to eat.

Because of how active I am with swimming, I am supposed to drink 120 ounces of water with electrolytes every day. It is very hard to do, most days I do not reach 120 ounces because it is a lot of water and not all electrolyte drinks taste the best. When I work out I am in water and can’t tell that I am sweating, but I am. Swimming is also high intensity so I need more water and calories than I think.

All of my coaches tell me to carbo load before a swim meet. That means eating carbohydrates, like pasta. During high school swim season we have a spaghetti dinner the night before every swim meet. The spaghetti dinners give you the carbohydrates and sugars needed to stay healthy and gives you the energy you need.

Having a healthy diet is very, very important but very hard to do. It is very tempting to eat unhealthy foods because they sometimes taste better and can be cheaper. Nutrition is the hardest thing to maintain but the most important to maintain.

Maintaining a healthy diet is the main goal for all athletes, then there would be more successful athletes, and healthier athletes. Look at all of the professionals, they all have their own diets and special tricks for eating healthy. All athletes should try and have a special diet for their sport.

Sports nutrition is very important for athletes because they need to stay healthy. If companies would lower their prices for healthy foods and raise the prices of unhealthy foods, then more people would eat healthier. More people would realize the importance of nutrition and do something about it.

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