Turn 25

I believe the great day I’ve had today started brewing from last year when I turned twenty five. It actually started about three years earlier, when I met Vevina. You know how there’s always 'the girl' in every action movie? Yea, that’s it, my life is kinda like an action movie. Mostly melodramatic and most likely not 'action' by your definition, but it’s lotsa action to me. So yea, action movie. My life. Maybe I’ll talk about the girl in a future post.

Here's my simple bucket list for today:

Tell 3 people you love them.... Daddy, Mummy, Vevina(the girl) .... maybe more. Just don't complicate anyone's feelings unnecessarily

Down lotsa red wine and red meat....lol

Post on medium : )

Yea right. When's a better day to put up your first post on medium than on your birthday? Funny. And I really wanted to change how I wrote it in Evernote but I thought to leave it original.

So I've learned that keeping things simple is the way to go for a happier life. May sound cliche, but I guess there's lots of things that seem obvious that don't hit home until someone comes along. I don't know if it's related to keeping things simple but I'm also kinda more open minded. Pretty cool. Though a down side is more people think I'm crazy now. Haha. Make any sense?

And as crappy as this post must be.... well I've done it.... yayy!!!

Ps: First time I ever told dad and mum I love them so it’s a big deal. No more telling myself they definitely know that.

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