Feature Integration Live Chat Video AMAs


With the growing popularity of AMAs(ask me anything) format, Quora is looking to integrate this format as a live video to monetize on their website.


Quora’s opportunity is the ability to foster a community of known experts. This feature will strengthen the connection and communication among the community by implementing a visual question and answer platform.


Competitive & Business Analysis

Survey & User Interviews

We created a survey in order to find out how familiar people are with AMAs, video chats, Question and Answer websites and paid services.

User Interview- Walk Through of how user finds answers online

Key Findings

  • Side ways entry
  • Logged in IF interviewee already has a trusted website he/she uses
  • Most did not ask questions online because someone has already asked it
  • Credibility: Who, length of information, up votes/down votes


Based off the interviews, we were able to identify three types of users:

Primary Persona- Fangirl- frequently participates in AMAs and live video chats
Secondary Persona- Knowledge Seeker- knows of AMAs and has the potential to view videos
Moderator Persona-over sees AMA and video AMA platforms

Journey Map

Potential Journey for each persona + the expert from creation of AMA to the viewing of the AMA with user task flows
The Pain and Pleasure points throughout the tasks from start to finish

Feature Prioritization

We did this is several stages. Based off interviews, we organized information based on pain, pleasure, behavior and context. Once personas were identified we once again prioritized, based on the personas, Must Haves, Nice to Haves and Must Not Have.

Feature Analysis: Pain, Pleasure, Behavior and Context & Must Haves, Nice to Have and Must Not Have

Must Have:

  • Rating System of up votes/down votes
  • Credibility of Expert: profile, links to social media accounts
  • Visible Search bar

Must Not Have:

  • Advertisements
  • Anonymity of users/experts
  • Messy format of AMAs

Design- Sketches

For our design studio, we decided to concentrate on key screens: Profile of expert/user and Live Video AMA.

Sketches of Profiles and Live Video AMAs
Sketches of Profiles and Video Chats


First Sets of Wireframes


  • Linear timeline vs. grid/calendar view — combined both
  • Green outline of verified experts — no need for outline
  • Video view- comments on side vs below video
  • Location of up/down votes and reply button not ideal
Latest Version of Wireframes with Annotations


Scenario: You are attending Comic Con and see on our twitter feed that Michelle Phan, youtube make up artist, is hosting a live video AMA that you want to participate in.


Overall our scenario went well. We did notice that one of our features that we thought was a good idea was actually a bad idea: our reply to a comment button. It caused confusion of what the user was replying to and found it unnecessary. We also noticed that some of our users by passed the current question display, many thought it was an advertisement and one remarked that because of the color it looked like a possible error message.

Next Steps

Something we wanted to explore more is the moderators point of view. We did not have time to make a mock up but imagined the page would look very similar to that of the users’ page expect there were more interactions such as the possibility of dragging a question to the top to be answered next or flagging an inappropriate question. We also wanted to explore more about payment options. Based on our surveys, people are cheap which is why we incorporated a 1 month free trial, but we didn’t explore further from that point.


Working with Angela has been awesome. We worked well together. Something that we both struggled with in this project is understanding the project brief. We were both unfamiliar with Ask Me Anything formats and did not participate in these forum. The most we have both done is search for a question online. Because of this, the research phase of this project was a struggle. We also had to constantly remember certain aspects of the briefs such as including payment plans into our feature. We were treating each item as a separate element when we should have treated it as a whole. Once we grasped this concept, we had an easier time creating this feature.

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