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Eho Tex
Eho Tex
Mar 23, 2018 · 2 min read

The roots of Equestrianism date back centuries upon centuries and has always come with its problems and solutions. Horses have had a significant part in the history of humanity and an intrinsic relationship has been established between riders and their horses.

EHO — the next evolutionary step in horse care!

The equestrian community is united in the thought that taking care of your horse and your own form is no cakewalk. Nobody is taking advantage of modern technologies to enhance the way we observe and take care of our horse’s health!

With the 21st century upon us, it is time for us to take our equestrian technologies to the next level.

Introducing — smart textiles!

A smart piece of fabric with in-weaved sensors that you can place on the saddle. With the help of smart textiles for the first time ever you will be able to monitor the impacts on your horses health in real-time and make adjustments on the fly!

EHO Smart textile measures pressure and other relevant metrics of the rider and the saddle and uses that data to determine the effects and impact on the horse.You can see the feedback real-time on any mobile device and make adjustments accordingly.


No more hassle in choosing the perfect saddle, the data from the smart textile will tell you exactly how well your saddle fits the horse!

Improved rider performance — know when adjustments need to be made in your riding form!

Prevention over treatment! Stay on track of your horse’s health and avoid unnecessary injuries that could be simply solved by taking the necessary precautions.

Cost savings — by being able to monitor your horses health more closely and improving it you can save all the unnecessary trips to the vet.

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