Precedent: Toyo Ito – A floating object.

Public space: Allianz Stadium

Toyo Ito is a Japanese architect. His works are modern and conceptual, with the incorporation of simple geometric shapes. Nature plays a big part in his works, and sometimes to the point where it literally plays the part. The imitation of nature is made within his works, through visuals and functionality. As he draws inspiration from nature, he is able to take it further by having it function like the natural world. Ito’s recreation of nature is done, as his designs are people orientated, to which the space serves the people. He has this desire for his buildings to have a close relationship with the people utilising it, thus acting as their natural surrounding. As evolution takes people further out of nature and into technology, Ito’s the opposite, he doesn’t not want to remove people from nature, but urges to shorten the gap between architecture and nature. Minimum walls, solid concrete slab, open space, nature-like figures…etc; these are a few of the components that are present in Ito’s work.

Following Toyo Ito’s technique of creating “a floating object”, I have constructed a collection of iterations in five steps, to transform the Allianz stadium, into a Toyo Ito inspired models. With balsa sticks and plastic sheets, I have taken physical aspects from the Allianz Stadium to create the iterations.Each iteration represents Toyo Ito’s technique, by itself, and also during the process. I started off with loose columns that mimics the stadium’s exteriors, then transitioned onto doing so with applications of Ito’s techniques. Through the process, I eliminated weight from the core, while maintaining the general structure of the stadium’s exteriors. Step by step, it got lifted, and the “floatation” idea, was applied at the third iteration, with manipulated plastic sheets, that lifted up the whole structure. the final models is an attempted imitation of a packed forest terrain, thus utilising Ito’s application of nature, into my work. Despite it not being able to function like nature, the final model was able to be nature, as a visual form and I feel that is what Ito’s techniques could do to the Allianz Stadium.


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