Recon — my way.

1. Introduction

see 404 error in above screenshot == Quick win.

2. A Tool I Modified.

Malvinsh Tools Original output.

Usage: ruby subdomain.rb

Subdomain.rb demo run.

sort wordlist | uniq

Usage: ruby recon.rb wordlist

Recon.rb demo run.

4. More Assets — More findings — More win.


Result for hackeone inc query
IP range for
Facebook Crt transparency monitoring subscriptions.
Typical notification from Facebook when new asset on the same crt is available.

5. Data Storage Buckets.

6. Github For Recon.

7. Read every JS.

8. Archive

9. Continuous Recon.

Swiftness- My personal websec checklist.

10. Extra points for recon.



Security @ Facebook | Bug Bounty Hunter |

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