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You are an Engineer possibly a senior/lead role in a company and you have been there for some time. HR department usually plans something for newcomers as onboarding process but after they joined and passed those, they have to understand the code and everything. Do you have a plan in your company for them?

In this article, I am going to a checklist of items that you as a Senior/Lead Level must provide, find or write and keep up to date.

What is an onboarding process and why is it important?

Employees are the heart of the business and every manager knows that company stands on its people. So when…

I had not imagined teaching before, even though I had some experiences back in the day. This article is to share my practice of teaching. You might be someone wanting to start your own path, recording videos, placing them out there, and get students, in programming or you want to be a mentor, I guess this article benefits you to have a solid strategy.

At first, I was hesitant to start, as why should I? or what are my motives? then I thought let’s give it a try. The competition out there, and the difficulty of capturing a video and…

This article is to demonstrate what FrontEnd Performance Testing is and show you an example of their result.

The more significant your product is, you have probably more sensitive customers and the competition out there requires you to make certain your users have the best experience ever.

Imagine you have a website for selling products, this test will measure how your website loads with various metrics.

Services to Test the Performance in Client-Side

This services can help you test and actually have some digits to compare them in your builds with previous versions for example.

Google PageSpeed Insights,

A friend of mine asked me how can I stop my users to download my videos directly, and I said okay, let me explain it to you :) and this post is what I found out and what it can be done.

The quick answer is you can’t technically,
Because for example, they can capture their screen in full-screen mode and download your video, not even from your servers.

However, not everyone does that, and it’s harder to do, so if you want to do the best you can follow me here:

Disable Right Click

Easy as it sounds, you can disable opening…

Of course, there are so many sources out there for writing a better practice or even BEST practice. However, I read a few and found them repetitive for someone even mid-level or whoever has a little experience developing. So I decided to gather some of the more important and even worth mentioning again in this article.

Reading this must be fast, but think about them and try to achieve them within your codebase.

Structure your solution by self-contained components

Modular applications sound awesome, but here and there, we are still between developing a reusable component or not.

If you are not sure, do not develop it…

This is an article to review Svelte in detail, I know it is not as popular as React, but I was thinking why not, let's see what it is.

This is a normal way I start learning a new tool and technology, I start from examples and I go back to see what is going on there and read some articles.

1. I tried to run svelte-todomvc.

This is a repository, which is a sample of Svelte by their team for implementing the famous todo app.

Cloned it and ran it and ran npm install and I got this error:

Time to talk about more optimization of just simply writing a react component, what would you do? and what are the options available?

I have a few articles about the performance of the app and how to make it better like these:

- Refactoring Bad Smells in Code

- Optimizing JavaScript Event Listeners for Performance

But in this article, I am focusing on just one function

1. Write a function instead of a class

Simple and I think if you have been around for a while, you know how to use hooks and solve your problems, I have a full article explaining hooks here.

That means instead of writing:

class ProfilePage extends React.Component {
showMessage = () => {…


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