outdoor session

The topic of the outdoor session is come under the discussion in the session about 3 weeks before our last lesion. And the whole responsibility was on us to decide the that place where we all have to agree upon and could attend. And it is the quite difficult for all of us to agree on a single place to visit and attend the last session. So, our program manager gives the responsibility to two of the fellows. One of them created the poll on the Facebook, but the place we had to visit couldn’t be finalized. In the second last session, at last all were agreed on going to have a buffet lunch at “Chandni Chowk Restaurant”.

Chandni Chowk

In the three hours of time all the members enjoyed to their extreme level. and due to this joy this last session is the part of our memory for forever.

after a lot of #pait_pooja the main thing comes i.e. #activity_of_recalling_the_most_memorable_experience. we all of us make a circle and tells our stories one by one.


in the last everyone shares how they would connected to each other, however this activity is done with the help of thread but could not do in that way. So, in the last, these are some of the glimpses which are the permanent part of our memory.

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