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Edhi sb follow all the four principles of progress throughout of his life. As the first principle of progress is Amal, Edhi sb has a strong believe in Amal. He believes in doing actions, so he does not make the strategies first and then work on it. As he has an example in his life that he does not make the strategy of building the health centers and building the largest ambulance service in the world. He just goes to the road side start asking for help from the people. He was given his first donation of 20000 for ambulance. We find the takeaway that, we should not only put our efforts in making only strategies but we should put our efforts in Amal. Secondly, he has a strong believe in Khudi; Khudi means that believe in yourself of doing something, when he started his ambulance services and his foundation he has a strong believe in himself that he can serve humanity by building the largest ambulance service throughout the world. Also, when Edhi sb was a child his mother used to give him 2 paisa, one for himself and other one paisa is for helping others. This activity also teaches him a lesson that humanity is everything.

My experience from life which relates to the principle of progress is as follow, about 4 to 5 months earlier me and my friends are standing at the general store and we are doing some kind of fun. At that time, a poor man came ask us to help him. Firstly, my friends pass by that poor man and continue his gossip. I was also standing and seeing all the scene, after few seconds I realize that I should help him whether my friends do or do not. I didn’t make any strategy, just believing on Amal, I put out my wallet and helped that poor man. My friends saw me and are ashamed on their action. Through my action they also helped that poor man. Then I told my friends that we should believe in doing Amal not in making strategies or making fun of others.

I think so, this was the story that I can relate with one of the principles of progress.


As you all know that summer season is long than the winter season in Pakistan. Whenever the summer season came, my all friend use to go swimming pools to enjoy the summers and lessened their heat. Most of my friends know swimming, but I do not how to swim. I also have too much fear of swimming. As it is one of the phobia of my life. As this is the season of summer, and I have set the goal,

Goal: to learn how to swim.

One cannot learn the full swimming in few days but the practice makes the man perfect.

Firstly, I will contact my friends who are good at swimming.

Secondly, I will make the plan with my friend who teaches me how to swim.

Thirdly, I gathered the things I need in learning and essential for the beginner swimmers.

I completed the first task that, I go to my friend’s home and asked him if he has time on someday. We both make the plan and confirm the date. At that day, we go to the swimming pool. My friends teach some rule of swimming as I was a beginner.

trying to stop breath under water gor minutes

In the upper pictures I was just testing my breath time under the water. As swimming cannot be learned in days, it takes time to be perfect in swimming. But I learned many things about swimming in my first session. I keep continue practicing and InshaAllah I will learn how to swim at one day.

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