Edhi sb’s struggle to open his own dispensary

Edhi sb did a lot of jobs before he opened his own dispensary as:

When Edhi sb come to Bantava with his family, he spent his couple of time in Bazar and examine the different peoples there. He normally saw others outside and think about the poor. One day his dream turned into reality when his father gave him money for business. He started purchasing matchboxes, pencils and towels from whole sale market and then sold in bazar or in streets of town. He learnt a lot from this experience as he became able to distinguish between the customers who is checking his articles wither they are willing to buy or just wasting his time. After this Business, he started a paan shop. He has enough money because he spent nowhere the money that he earned during street selling. But he couldn’t continue this because he couldn’t manage the money and his father never think about to help him with his savings. So, he again started street hawking. Then he moved to Bahawalnagar away from home and started working in practical field as in cloth shop. Here he became a commission agent like his father. Then in 1948 a Dispensary was established for charity of people. He joined it in evening as well because he was willing to help others. so, on returning from cloth shop, in evening he started work there. Finally, he got the position where he was willing to work.so he started working voluntarily there. But in one meetings of the rich people and funders of this charity he was degraded and he was restricted not to share his ideas. After this, he almost felt degrade but his father shared his experiences and said a lot of learning things. Then in 1951 he spent his own savings and took a small shop on rent and stared there a dispensary. He took a small tin box for collecting money in order to serve and help poor.

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