Annotated Bibliography

Essential Reading List

Heaven, D. (2014). New Scientist (Vol. 223). Retrieved March 13, 2016, from

My topic on eSports (professional gaming) requires me to introduce the reader to many different elements such the different games that are play on various platforms, the business behind eSports and why it has become so popular in the recent years. In this article, Heaven briefly examines about how and why eSports has become popular beginning with huge tournaments that have surrounded professional gaming and the celebrities been created. Heaven gives greats examples on how business and prize pools have been affected along with the growing of eSports. The article is essential for the reader because it gives a clear general description to what is happening throughout the professional gaming world today and the environment that surrounds it. Heaven also uses examples such as various tournaments that have occured and high-profile gamers. This article is indispensable for those interested in eSports because this article provides a nice introduction for the topic.

Business and Popularity

ESports: Where are the big sponsors? Retrieved March 13, 2016, from

The rise of eSports has become more than competitive gaming because money has become hugely involved. Within the article, Llama discusses about multiple business aspects to gaming such as how it has grown over the years and using facts such as the stakes that continuously get higher. I highly recommend readers to take a read or skim over the article because its gives a great description to how eSports itself has expanded over time. Llama also uses many pictures as info graphics such as graphs to help support her writing which I find helpful to readers new to the topic because its broken down and simplified for easier comprehension. Any reader interested in reading about the rise of eSports will likely find this article useful.

Markazi, A. Around the World — Fans and League of Legends. Retrieved March 14, 2016, from

Each reader should read this article about the popular eSports game League of Legends regarding how teams expand and grow in terms of popularity and fan base growth. Markazi does a great job explaining the type of view and environment, a League of Legends player or fan would be exposed to.

Raven, J. (2016). Valve increases CS:GO major prize pools to $1M. Retrieved March 13, 2016, from

This article provides a brief description regarding the increase in prize pools for the popular eSports game, Counterstrike. Raven breaks down how the prize has been increased and how it will be broken down for the participants. He also puts into perspective of the Counterstrike prize pool in comparison to other games popular among eSports. Readers should dive into this article because introduces readers to what a prize pool in competitive gaming is like, how it is broken down and how it is affected by players and fans.

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