Who is Emily?

“You need to go faster” I think to myself as I’m running. “Don’t slow down”. I also have say this to myself daily, not just while I’m running. When I’m in school. I need to keep up with class work, and if I’m doing well, I can’t slow down on homework and fall behind. While I’m running, I tell myself I have to go faster, catch up to the person in front of me, and once I’m there, I can’t slow down.

On Friday night I was a the PHS football game.
http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405274870351490457560254034540929 Louis Zamperini inspires me because he was an exceptional runner who went into the army. He was held captive by the Japanese for many years, but was somehow still able to forgive them in the end.
http://professorbuzzkill.com/amelia-earhart-myths/ Amelia Earheart inspires me because she stands up for what she believes in, even though it defied what was “normal” for women.
http://dabearsbros.com/ticbh-july-25-walter-payton-born/ Walter Payton inspires me because even though he was a very famous football player, he wanted to give back.

A minute of pain is worth a lifetime of glory. - Pete Zamperini

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