I got admitted into the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) to study Computer Science in 2010. Before then, i thought the course was all about learning how to type and surf the web..Little did i know it had better stuffs to offer.

I started learning how to type when i found out that no lecturer thought such and also in my spare time, i would visit facebook and enjoy myself thinking i was actually practicing my course.

It dawned on me when i got to second year, i started seeing guys do amazing stuffs for the web, some could write beginner codes for java, some others dived into hardware…But where was I? I was busy learning how to type more than 500 words on microsoft word…what an achievement!

While in second year i had a room mate called Kenneth Odinkenma, an electronic engineering student.. I was so shocked when i saw him developing great websites…Infact i was more than shocked and so i went closer to him so he could show me the way…

Onyedika Nwankwo another roomate of mine would always tell me ‘geepee, as i was popularly called by wey dey computer science i never see you write code before..even laptop you no get’…I kept on pondering on those words pretending as tho it never meant anything..

One fateful day, i took the bull by the horn and made a firm decision to dive fully into programming….I started by visiting popular websites like,, and some others..Although i didnt have a PC then, it never deterred me from achieving my set goal..

I started learning HTML and it was quite interesting and straightforward..Now it was time to implement what i learnt…hell, no!!…no PC….I had to use my roomates PC and that was quite discouraging…Sometimes, when i want to continue a project, the person becomes unavoidably absent…What do i do then? I just have to start again on another persons PC…It continued until i got my sloppy Laptop…

Having a PC gave me a bit comfort knowing that whenever i wrote a line of code or few lines of code, i would definitely come back to continue and not have to start all over.

Gradually, i dived into CSS, PHP and MYSQL..It wasnt easy at all especially learning PHP…Well, i learnt it to an extent that i could write my B.SC project(COMPUTERIZED INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) and defended it….

To cut the whole story short I was introduced to Laravel which happens to be the most widely used PHP framework now…Its been great and i’ve been doing some cool stuffs 💪 with it and hoping to do greater stuffs soon 💪 💪 💪…

To wrap it all, i started as a novice but now I am a Web Application Developer at Packetclouds Technologies…I believe this is just a starting point for me…Alot yet to be achieved…I will get there….

For me, there is no going back…I live to code, i code to live…