I wanted to share a quick tip when capturing and editing your images in Capture One.

When I shoot in locations where there’s a big difference in light and shadow I tend to expose for the highlights like this.

As you can see, mostly everything without natural light is very dark.

Using the High Dynamic Range slider on Capture One I can easily recover the shadows

I received the Contax 139 Q about a week ago purchased on eBay. The Contax 139 Q is a vintage film camera that was designed by Porsche back when it debuted under the Yashica and Zeiss partnership.

After having it for about a week and the leather skin was falling apart. I wanted to show how easy it is to Re-Skin the Contax 139 Q and give it new life!

Found out how to revive your Contax looks

Emmanuel Hernandez

📸 Photographer 🎥 Documentary Filmmaker 🔵 Images created with #Zeiss ⚪️

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