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Entrepreneurship week number two

The smallest of launches, weekly founder chats and lots of learning

Smallest of launches

One week and three days after leaving my day job, our team has finally launched a very very small beta product to test out our idea. We have launched it to no more than 60 people at this time, mostly our close friends and family, to iron out the kinks of the operations. So grateful to the small team that packs a punch who made this happen.

Weekly founder chats

We still have so many problems to tackle and still need a real product to build. Each week I meet with a few founders who are ahead of us and in some respects our mentors. Some are very experienced like Tom Patterson, who has launched several startups before, while others like Huong, are seeing early signs of progress (Huong Tran is the CEO of The thing I love about these meetings is that each one of them is friendly, warm and above all very helpful. Mostly I hear congratulations on taking the leap and some words of wisdom about how to manage your own psychology over the next few months.

Lots of learning

When you get a new job, there is ramp up or learning curve that you must climb. You may have a manger who helps you get through this and there is plenty of room to make mistakes and learn. As an employee, the good news is that when you make mistakes you’ll find out pretty soon in some sort of manager check-in or review session.

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