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I was inspired last month by RStudio::conf (2019) to start publishing some of the fun R work I have been doing. About a year ago a good friend of mine, Brett Kubold, turned me on to Jeff Allen’s plumber package. This package allows you to easily turn your R scripts into deployable APIs. Given my extensive use of RShiny, I struggled to find good use-cases for this until recently when we decided to build an internal chatbot for my startup Retina.

The goal of our bot `/tina` was to enable employees at the company query for random stuff like: status of current Facebook campaigns, a snapshot of our Trello board, plot data using a menu built in Slack, look up company holidays and getting notified about birthdays. …


Emad Hasan

I love to build things | Startup | ex-Facebook | ex-PayPal | More @ about.ehasan.com

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