Lessons on life and adventure from an aerobatic pilot, a motocross champion, and an octogenarian author

What happens when your best days are behind you? This has been a very real fear ever since I hit 30. My memory isn’t what it once was. My vision is deteriorating. And I’m pretty sure I’m shrinking.

I first met Marc when he was the recipient of a Barnacle…

The Roles of Technical and Non-Technical Cofounders

Dear Non-Technical Cofounders,

A Technical Cofounder’s job is not to write code. Stop treating your cofounder like a commodity you could outsource to Bulgaria. That’s a waste of a CS PhD’s time.

Writing code is not a secret ninja skill, as much as we would like for you to believe…

The trails at Shoreline are caked with goose droppings. Thousands of Canadian geese call this place their home, and they never leave.

There was a time when Canadian geese would migrate twice a year. But at Shoreline, visitors feed them sandwich crusts until they’re too fat to fly.

Elaine Ou

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