I can understand the hesitance to write jsx, but out of curiosity how much of a go have you given…
Jack Marchant

You are right angular and ember are more of a full buy-in. But I don’t see that as a bad thing. React takes forever to figure out how to get everything playing together, webpack,grunt, jspm, gulp, require, so many choices that turn into analysis paralysis. With ember I just run `ember new` and all those decisions are taken care off. I can focus on building software not putting together 20 packages to work together and hope they all work out… not to mention the maintenance of all that and the fact that pretty much every project will have different choices so you have ramp up time for every developer you bring to the team. With ember (angular too but not as much), all projects structures are the same, everyone knows where everything is and they just work — convention over configuration.

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