Olga Kravchenko speaking at EICS 2019
Olga Kravchenko speaking at EICS 2019
Olga Kravchenko speaking at EICS 2019

Written by Olga Kravchenko (Co-founder and CEO of Musemio — Speaker at EICS 2019)

During this year, Musemio has worked extensively on our research which explores if and how VR could not only help children retain more information but also assist cultural partners to make better decisions about the museum/exhibition/attraction site. When I had an opportunity to apply for a call to speak at EICS 2019 — I didn’t need to think twice. We were passionate to share our research and also the problems in the industry we uncovered along the way.

Musemio At Glance

Musemio is a virtual reality educational platform designed for child ren aged 8–12. We create gamified experiences based off museum collections around the globe; our goal is to allow every child to have unrestricted access to arts and culture. Museum learning and cultural education at this critical age not only help children to be more creative and think outside the box, but research from others also proves that iti impacts their cognitive abilities resulting in better grades and behaviour. After working with over 3,000 children this year in our trials, we have found out that not only children were learning better in VR but that their learning style in VR was different thatn what we expected. This is what we are trying to take further, working on the system that can identify the learning type and optimise VR experiences more relevant. …

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Christophe Mallet speaking at EICS 2019

Written by Christophe Mallet (Co-founder BODYSWAPS® ¦ AR/VR/MR Entrepreneur ¦ Immersive Learning Specialist — Speaker at EICS 2019)

Learning is experience, the rest in information.

This quote, attributed to Albert Einstein, could be immersive learning’s motto. Indeed, Immersive Learning is much more than a cost-saving strategy for organisations looking to scale soft skills training. It’s even more than the “Empathy Machine” described by Chris Milk in his 2015 TEDTalk. Immersive Learning, and more specifically embodied VR experiences (EVR), have the power to profoundly, often subconsciously, impact behavior for the long-term.

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Christopher Lafayette speaking at EICS 2019

By Christopher Lafayette (Founder and CEO of The Armada T.E.C.H. — Speaker at EICS 2019)

When asked to speak at EICS 2019 to discuss Extended Reality in the Health and Wellness industry, I happily accepted. I knew it was at this time that I reveal a platform I have been working on for some time.

HoloPractice: a new community and business platform in which, I’m happy to write about here.
However, before I delve into the subject matter, I’d like to extend a hand of gratitude to platforms such as European Immersive Computing Summit that have taken the time to hear from diverse perspectives of individuals around the world who are building and contributing to the development of XR each and everyday. …


EICS — European Immersive Computing Summit

A key conference on Emerging Technologies aiming to help entrepeneurial, technical and creative minds to build the future and spread the voice about their work.

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