This is interesting, and certainly helps me (and I am sure others) get a better idea of what is…
Luke Stevenson

you are correct and you should always ask everything you want to know without caring what it looks like. After all work is a 2 way street. The questions I always ask are :

  1. what are the regular work hours, lunch length, holiday

2. how they deal with overtime — paid or time off in lieu. I don’t offer the option of unpaid overtime …

3. who else works there

4. who the manager is

5. what they build how, their process, commits, CI etc.

6. Do they allow time off for conferences and other techie things.

7. how do they see me fit in their plans — I want to see if anyone actually bothered to look me up or were just happy to look at the piece of paper in front of them.

Anything else I deem required based on what they answer. It is important to turn the tables around as quickly as possible and find out everything you want, not sit there like a good old sheep waiting for questions