ThePhotoStick 128GB — Easy, One Click Photo and Video Backup — Is The Photostick A Scam? How To Use A Photo Stick Properly In 2021

ThePhotoStick is an amazing tool used for storing precious photos and precious memories.
ThePhotoStick is an amazing tool used for storing precious photos and precious memories.

Photostick is a gadget used for photo backup. It is one of the most popular tools along with the photostick mobile that we can have if we want our photos to be protected.

Imagine back in the days, when there where no digital devices. Everyone had a photo album. No digital photos. No cameras, no phones. People relied on their photo albums. They weren’t able to make thousands of copies of one photo. In every second the photos can get lost. This was truly unfortunate. All of the precious moments people had were lost in an instant.

If you are too lazy to read the entire article on ThePhotoStick, here are our thoughts:

We absolutely love ThePhotoStick and the way it helps us protect our photos. It is one of the best photo backup gadgets on the market.

The Photo Stick is an amazing tool — Click here to check if there is a Photostick Discount

What changed? Nothing changed, except the digital storage of photos. We can have thousands of photos on our computers, mobile phones and a lot of similar devices. However, this does not mean that we solved the photo loss problem.

Plenty of us still lose photos on daily basis. This is quite sad. To know that we have developed all the technology to take pictures of the beauty of the world, yet we haven’t solved the photo loss problem.

There can be different reasons why photo loss happens, however most of it can be prevented. Photo loss can be prevented. We should take care of our photos. We take everything for granted until we lose it. How many of us have seen an older person that has a photo of their loved one to this day? How amazing is that? Don’t we want the same?

With online services such as Facebook Albums, or Amazon Photos and Google Photos we have solved this, but only partially. The reason why I say only partially is because some of these services may fail, nothing is forever. Also, a lot of cloud services have compromised security. Thousands of celebrity photos have been leaked online before, the chances of it happening again are pretty big.

What is a good alternative to these services? In the next chapter we would like to give you a detailed photostick review. A gadget worth taking a look at. A gadget that is being used for photo backup by many people. It has only been developed recently, however the amount of people that have started using a photostick is pretty big.

What Is A Photostick?

Photostick is a device that can save thousands of photos. It is also known as ThePhotoStick or Photo stick. Whatever you want to call it, there are certain things that you need to know about ThePhotoStick.

There are a lot of features that this gadget has. We will take a look at a few of them. We will look at all the pros and all the cons that it has to offer. A full look at a wonderful gadget. Let us give our opinion of ThePhotoStick that we have used for 1 full year.

The Photo Stick works great for photo backup — Interested if there is ThePhotoStick discount?

Photostick Introduction

Photostick is a gadget used to backup your photos. This device is pretty straightforward — you plug it in and use the app / software. Photostick can save up to 30,000 photos.

Photo loss can be prevented. There are several ways to prevent photo loss in 2020. Our favorite way to prevent photo loss is by using a photostick.

Thousands of people are using their photos on daily basis. Most of the photo loss is because of people not taking good care of them. Some of it is due to hardware failure. Photo loss has become a real issue in today’s world.

Most of the things today are digital and we have so much storage that we take it for granted. Having a lot of storage is what makes people app hoarders, music hoarders or photo hoarders.

There is nothing wrong with having thousands of photos on your phone. However, losing thousands of photos can be a big problem. Imagine losing the favorite photo of the friend that passed last year. You wouldn’t be happy if this happens.

The Photo Stick is an interesting tool — Protect all of your photos by clicking here

Photo Backup Issue Still Exists In 2020

Most of us are devastated that such a problem still exists in 2020. Millions of photos are lost on daily basis. There are very few solutions for photo loss such as:

  1. Using cloud services for photo backup
  2. Using facebook albums
  3. Buying a photostick

Using Cloud Services For Photo Backup

How reliable are cloud photo backup services? As we know, thousands of celebrity photos have been leaked online. Most of the photos that were leaked online were on the cloud services that support photo uploading.

Using Facebook Albums

Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It also has the option to make the albums you upload only visible to yourself. However, we do not recommend it for a lot of photos.

The Photo Stick is can help you prevent photo loss — Click here to learn more


This is a tool that can prevent photo loss. Photostick can save up to 30,000 photos. It has a software and an app that work great. Very few steps are needed in order to get the photostick working.

Photostick is a reliable and useful tool for anyone that wants to prevent photo loss.

Photostick is now known to millions thanks to their incredible product and great advertising. But, many people are sceptics whether the photostick is a good choice for them. How good is the photostick and how can it help you?

How Many Photos Can A Photostick Save?

There are different sizes of photostick. They range from 64 GB to 1 TB. The amount of photos that you save will depend on your photostick size. We recommend buying the 128 GB Photostick.

Who Can Use ThePhotoStick?

Photostick can be used by anyone. Even your child might be able to use this gadget. It comes with an app / software that makes it easy to use. There aren’t many steps needed in order to backup our photos using a photostick.

Here’s a list of people that have used a photostick so far:

  • Young People Aged 13–15
  • Teenagers
  • Older people 30+
  • People with an age of 65+

Yes, that is absolutely correct! Even people that have an age of 65+ have been using the photostick.

What Is The Photostick Software?

The photostick has a software that will do the work automatically. You do not need to do many things. The only thing that you need to do is start the software. The software is using BV 3.1 which is an amazing generation for photo backup and speed.

Features Of The Photostick Software:

  1. Easy To Use
  2. Fast
  3. Reliable
  4. Great Interface

Where Can I Buy A Photostick?

Photostick can be purchased on different places. Some of the places where the photostick can be purchased are:

We strongly recommend that you buy the photostick from the official website.

Photostick Features

  • Photostick is a small device, very handy
  • Photostick has quick software,
  • Photostick is very reliable
  • Photostick is very secure
  • Photostick works offline

ThePhotoStick is a small device, very handy

The regular size of a photostick is just like a small pen drive. We know, that it may make you question this and make you wonder, how is it possible for such a small tool to be so powerful? One of the reasons for this is because the Photostick has a quick, reliable software.

ThePhotostick has quick software

The quickness of ThePhotoStick surprised us! We did not expect for the photostick to be so fast at gathering all the photos. There is a photostick software for the desktop version, while the mobile version has an “app”.

ThePhotoStick is very reliable

When we were using ThePhotoStick to backup our photos, it didn’t fail on us, not even once. We tried so many times to backup our photos and all of the times it was 100% successful.

ThePhotoStick is very secure

Unlike a lot of the cloud services, The Photostick is very secure. Part of the reason why the photo stick is so good at securing your photos is because they aren’t exposed online in any way.

ThePhotoStick works offline

The true beauty of the photostick is that this tool works online. There is no need to deal with any online security issues.

Photostick Alternatives

Cloud Services

There are plenty of cloud services that can be used for photo backup. Cloud services, however are known for bad security. There were a lot of photos of celebrities that were leaked. We honestly believe that cloud services are NOT to be used for your personal photos. The only type of photos we would upload on the loud services would be photos that do not interfere with our personal lives.

Facebook Albums

This is a great solution. Facebook has a way to keep your photos private. There are a few problems when it comes to using facebook albums for saving your photos. Some of these problems are:

  • Your account can get hacked risking your photos
  • Should not be used for photos close to the heart
  • Online bullying


PictureKeeper is another alternative to photostick. It works on principles that are very similar to a photostick.

10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Photostick

  1. Easy to use
  2. Fast Software
  3. Reliable
  4. Good Value For The Money
  5. Secure
  6. Protects Against HDD Failure
  7. Works Offline
  8. Works On Most Devices
  9. No Passwords
  10. No Cloud

Is ThePhotoStick As Reliable As They Say?

The photostick is a gadget used by plenty of people. The reason why a lot of folks love the photostick is because this gadget delivers. It delivers speed, reliability and saves us from the worries of losing our photos.

Reality is that if we do not use a photo stick, the chances of us losing our photos are quite BIG! This is an amazing alternative. Photo loss happens on daily basis. There are plenty of reasons why photo loss happens such as:

  1. Hard Disk Failure
  2. Mobile Phone Drops
  3. Unreliability Of Devices

How Can ThePhotoStick Prevent Photo Loss?

A Photostick can prevent photo loss by having copies of your photos to it. This is an amazing way to prevent losing our photos. There aren’t lots of people in this world that know of this. Photo loss can be prevented. It is truly bad that more people do not try to do it.

What Are The Most Common Photostick Problems?

Some of the most common problems that come with the photo stick might include the packaging. Sometimes people complain about it. For more info you should contact the photostick support.

What Are The Best Photostick Alternatives?

There are only a few alternatives to the photostick. However, most of them are not as good as the photostick. Very few photostick alternatives actually do the job they should be doing. This is why having ThePhotoStick is worth it. It isn’t as expensive, it doesn’t use an internet connection, and you never need to worry about your photos being leaked on the internet. Privacy is a big issue in today’s world. Having ThePhotoStick will prevent any of your photos leaking online, which is wonderful!

The Photostick is the latest most impressive gadget out there. It combines technology and photography. This is a tool that will help you do photo backup without giving you a headache. All of us know how hard it is to do photo transfers or photo backup. Not anymore! The Photostick is the tool that’ll help you do it easy and fast.

ThePhotoStick — The Most Convenient Photo Backup Gadget

The Photostick is a new invention that everyone loves. This invention helps you with photo transfer from your mobile phone to anything you’d like. It works for Android and for Android. In this article we’ll do a photostick review and tell you about all of the benefits of this amazing invention!

Photostick — What Is It?

It became extremely popular last year and its popularity keeps rising. Let’s see why everyone loves this tool:

  • Convenient
    Having a photostick you’ll be surprised at how easy photo backup and photo transfer is. This is the best tool to help you transfer photos from android to pc/mac or transfer photos from iphone to pc/mac.
  • Safe
    Unlike most of the tools out there, the photostick doesn’t require any passwords. This is a gadget that will store your photos safely without compromising the safety of your photos or mobile device.
  • Important
    Photo Backup is extremely important. Most people do not do it until they realize its too late. I have lost thousands of photos because I wasn’t careful and I didn’t transfer my photos to ThePhotoStick. Do not make the same mistake as I did. A few bucks will save you from a lot of trouble
  • No Internet Connection Required
    The Photostick does not require any internet connection compared to most photo backup gadgets or services. This tool works offline and this is one of the reasons why it is extremely secure and safe to use.
  • No Monthly Subscription
    Thousands of services will offer you photo backup, however very few of them will help you while not charging too much. Most of these services have a monthly fee that you have to pay or you’ll lose all of your photos. This isn’t the case with a ThePhotoStick.There is no monthly subscription or anything like that.
  • Extremely Small
    One of the reasons why we really like the ThePhotoStick is because this gadget is really small. It’ll be able to fit anywhere.
  • Not Expensive
    The Photostick is not expensive at all. You’ll be able to choose between different versions of this gadget and see what price suits you the best.
  • Different Versions
    You do not need to backup thousands of photos but would still appreciate photo backup of the few photos you have? No worries! The Photostick offers range from 8 GB up to 500 GB.

Should You Get A Photostick?

You have to understand that this is a very unique tool unlike anything else out there. It makes photo transfer much easier and it works on android and iphone. It’s an extremely safe gadget. It works offline. It doesn’t compromise the safety of your photos.

There hasn’t been a gadget like the photostick for photo backup and this is why we recommend it to everyone. ThePhotoStick is a truly unique gadget that has gained lots of popularity for the amazing features it has to offer.

Where To Get A Photostick?

There are different places where you can order a photostick, however we recommend going to the official website and they’ll tell you about everything you need to know about this gadget.

What Is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

ThePhotoStick Mobile is the mobile version of the photostick. This version works for android or iOS. This version is quite amazing because you can store the photos from your phone on it. Photostick Mobile makes photo backup from a mobile phone incredibly easy.

The amount of photos that are being lost from mobile phones on daily basis is extremely high. This can happen because of a variety of reasons.

Photo loss has been increasing by the years. As mobile phones become more advanced they start caring less about their precious memories and photos.

The goal of the creator when thephotostick mobile was created to make a gadget that can stop the photo loss in mobile phones. We believe that ThePhotoStick does an amazing job with that.

If you want to learn more about thephotostick mobile click here.


Having ThePhotoStick is probably the best way to do photo backup. Thousands of people lose thousands of photos because they didn’t take care of that when they should. Make sure you get this gadget and safely store your photos.

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