18 Bizarre, Spooky, and Unique Halloween Costumes

Check out these 18 Halloween Costumes that will most certainly win first prize in any contest. The photographers at Flickr have given us glimpses at some really bizarre, neat, and unique costumes.

Halloween Costume images provided by https://flic.kr/p/dq9RPb

1.Purple & Unique

2. Has to be winner for most horrifying

4. Penguins really?

5. The Mad Hatter

6, Just Bizarre

7.Woody & Mrs. Bo Peep

8. The Tin Man

9. That’s just wrong

10. We all know he is Proud

11. The Joker

12. I think he would make a good Harry Potter

13. Star Wars Queen Amildaya

14. Nightmare Before Christmas, Oogie Boogie

15. Aren’t Pokemon for Kids?

16. Isnt that a little much?

17. I dont know what she is supposed to be

18. When in doubt, dress up as a teddybear

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Originally published at panaceareview.com on October 15, 2015.

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