In my previous job, we used a similar technique. We would write comments like:
Marcin Kumorek

It’s really nice to hear what you experienced.

IMO while I’m reading or appending a code to an already written one that was’t written by me, and suddenly I’m noticing a well-formatted codetag, BUG for example, it gives me another perspective on the code, so for example, possibly when the system will produce a bug (which is wrong, but honestly — shit happens) maybe this codetag will help the ones who sit days and nights trying to fix it.

By the way, as of now, I didn’t see a lot of BUG or FIXME codetags while appending code to an already written one, which is unfortunately both good and bad sign because the former is a sign for system stability but the latter is a sign for an undocumented instability (depends on the developer codetag writing priorities).

“…they didn’t want to be associated with that piece of code as it was clearly not great…” — well… ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

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