It’s been a little helpful talking about identity so much in class i have learned a lot about myself. One thing I often don’t mention when talking to someone is my race. Most people assume I am Hispanic and for so many years I let them believe that. I didn’t feel like I had a group because I didn’t. I am half German and half Egyptian. My dad is fully German with light hair, light eyes, the kind that get sun burned when he goes out in the sun for a couple of minutes. My mom is Egyptian, dark hair, dark eyes, catches color from the sun instead of sunburning. I look more like my mom and so many assume I am Mexican. I have had people just walk up to me and speak spanish and when I say I don’t speak spanish they are either shocked or disappointed. However, when i received my American citizenship I had this new identity now that not my entire extended family shares. I am German-Egyptian-American.

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