Blog #4: Java Beans?

To gather I what I heard about it so far, JavaScript is a high level programming language that can be used in web development, apps, and software developing. I have NEVER used JavaScript before but I seen a classmate use it in his code in class, it can add some pretty nifty functions to a page. You can change elements on the page differently than you would on CSS, because there is so many things you can only do on JavaScript than you can on CSS. I also think if you wanted, you can possibly make your whole website with just HTML & JavaScript as you can also edit and add styles in JS to elements(idk, maybe). Also in JavaScript, their are things called functions that, under a certain, will execute a block of code that would do something nifty. This includes things such as searching info, reading input, and maybe if we’re being extreme, launch a rocket or something like that(r.i.p). JavaScript also allow you to store data in things called variables. These variables can range from booleans, numbers, strings, letters, floats, doubles, and many more. Also, along those lines, you can store local storage & session storage which allow you to store permanent data and non-permanent data. A good use of these would be things such as storing passwords until the window is closed or keeping record of a high score in a game. In JavaScript, you can also also do Object Orienting programming too. Object Oriented Programming is basing more of you’re working like an object more than a action. In JS, you can achieve this with classes and constructors. I don’t the specifics of it yet, but i’m hyped to learned about it and the rest of JS in class. 2nd quarter HYP3!

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