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I’m old as well, I suppose. Not in spirit, but in my love for good writing.

Thank you for writing a piece that succinctly states what I’ve been trying to articulate for months (yes, I know a 3-syllable and 4-syllable word in one sentence). I have one more idea on what’s behind it.

Popular society has now raised a couple generations who see themselves as special, unique and talented. No more letter grades, trophies for every child, etc. You bet they need instructions on how to tie their shoes - velcro tabs took care of that childhood shaming ritual.

Not too long ago, I was helping a friend’s 8-year old child with her English homework. There was a spelling mistake (there for their) that I pointed out. My friend jumped in and said “they’re not meant to worry about that stuff. The school is just looking for whether they get the concept.” I expressed my dismay and said I saw it as a great learning opportunity. After a pause, her daughter asked me how to spell “their.” I said not to worry about it and she replied “but I want to do it right.”

Blame the parents.

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