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I read a lot of anger and hate in this post. Actually, the “leaked” tape portion you share confirms what you say in your first paragraphs. So why the anger at Clinton for pointing it out as a problem? If you don’t like Hillary Clinton, I get that and am not here to argue it.

I don’t understand people who grouse about wanting more — be it funds or opportunities — yet passionately hate others who have achieved it. Yes, Clinton has made a lot of money. It wasn’t always so. And the Clinton family pays their share of taxes, and donates heavily to charity.

I may be a boomer, but I don’t dwell in deniall, and my 20’s were very much like you describe for your generation. It wasn’t easy back then, either. The difference was I didn’t have the internet to go onto and ask people for money during the times I was financially struggling. Frankly, it didn’t dawn on me to personally ask people I knew to give me money because I was “homeless” for a week.

I don’t think an entire generation is defined by massive despair. I’m sorry to hear that you do. Many opportunities still exist to go out and make a positive difference. Often being of service and working towards a greater goal diminishes despair and gives one hope. Good luck.

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