My unconsciously biased address book
Rick Klau

Interesting. The gender ratio of those I follow on Twitter is just about 50/50. But my followers skew 70/30 male. LinkedIn fares better. Purely anectodal, but in general conversation, more women tell me they don’t use Twitter than men.

I like the idea of Unconscious Bias training. Bias is still very real. I’m in my 50s now, but even as a little girl I remember thinking, why is it always him and her; boys and girls? I remember being shocked when I was told I could never be a pro baseball player. In my 20s I didn’t understand that I had to “act like a man” to make it in the business world. Why? It’s still all around us, but it’s nice to know some people, male and female, are consciously trying to change.

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