This is a story about how I love my Uni, because I got a full base education from the very best Maths teacher I’ve ever had and now I see this whole world of knowledge and smart minds in a beautiful way.

Today I was helping with organisation of Moscow Maths olympiad for 9th grade children. I used to attend competitions like that at school and those days were 5 fast hours of stress, brain storming and a bottle of water. And finally I’m looking at this from the opposite site with a lot of experience I have now. Of course, I can say it’s nothing. I mean the probability of this olympiad changing your life is small. However, it’s a question of what life changing is. But when I knew a bunch of guys were cheating in front of me, I was looking away and saying nothing, because who knows how important this is for them. I was leaving all the responsibilities on these children.

I remember the words my teacher wrote me, when I got all A in the last grade. She wrote: “Great! But it could have been less olympiads”. And now I think she ment exactly the same thought I have right now. It’s not important, but of course it was for me then. She told me so many beautiful things and put so much effort giving a big part of herself that I couldn’t ask for more. Rest in peace.

Anyway, the idea of this post was to thank my Uni for these tough almost 3 years I had with hardworking all the time, because now I can go to the faculty of MSU where I won’t study ever in my life with my backpack from Google, sitting 5 hours with machine learning assignment and seeing younger generation at the beginning of this unforgettable educational path.