I made an effort not to say goodbye.
Seriously, I just didn't like the scene.
It's just another introverted thing.
You just do not know what I have been.

I don’t want you to bid me a good bye.
I do not like saying that also.
Sometimes nothing’s good with those little words,
We just say whenever on auto.

It's this idea about my stay here
Like nothing's good has ever happened
And by the time I will be leaving
Not one will be left saddened.

Are you happy to see me go away?
Have I been too much of a burden ?
Have I not been of something and of worth?
Or is it just my head that has worsen?

I'd be leaving without saying a word.
I will escape this moment in time
But this will repeat again and again
Like an intentional, well-planned crime.

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