History through Frames

One of the interesting ways through which history learning can be made more interesting and fun is visiting a monument or a heritage site. But for everyone it is simply not possible for the logistic reason. What if the monuments are brought to you in the form of a photographic exhibition? At one place in less time there is a plethora of monuments, their splendid art work and majestic architectural features, all in front of you. And if there is a guide or expert accompanying you, it is a bonus.

Recently on the occasion of World Heritage Day, we had organised an exhibition on Indo-Islamic art at a well-known heritage site in Ahmedabad. We had exhibited 60 pictures of outstanding examples of Indo-Islamic art that had evolved in Delhi, Agra, Gujarat and Deccan from the time of the Slave dynasty to the Mughal era. The exhibition was open for all including school students.

Students of some progressive schools including Anandniketan along with their history teachers had come to see the photo displays and learn about their history, style and relevance in modern context. It was a ‘wah’ experience indeed for the school students.

We want exhibition of this kind as well other relevant and interesting themes as an ongoing practice in various cities and heritage sites of India and invite students and teachers for the learning engagement.

By Jitu Misra — Educational Specialist

(Member of Test Development Team)


Originally published at blog.ei-india.com on April 30, 2016.

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