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As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, putting off work I was swamped with, all thoughts and actuality, for who knows how long, I had a revelation. A revelation about sudden respect for procrastination and a new found awe for nix.

Why is it we denounce deferment and hail DOING, when doing aught is quite blissful and satisfying? Pace maybe, the pace of everything around and the whirlwind of information swooping at you at the speed of a racing Falcon, there is no time to NOT DO. And sadly we guzzle this phenomenon down the throats of kids as soon as they are a foot off the ground. Interviews for KG, entrance exams to get into schools (I mean why would I need a school if I KNEW already =/), study Math, science, language and whatnot, get into top colleges and so rolls the ball.

The most profound thing I came across recently was a 12year olds WhatsApp status (yeah! A 12 year old with a smart phone!) which read,” I hate how we are born out of nowhere, forced to go to school and get an education so you can get a job. What if I wanted to be a duck.”

No matter where she got it, I’d think, having our 12 year olds be drawn to such thought must be telling of something. It is telling of the fact that we need to give them time to STOP. Stop, look and listen (just like Elvis said!), stop mindless doing to wait, push back and THINK. Understand themselves and what they want. Allow them to make choices. We need to let kids find their course, let them experiment, let them fall and get all muddy, let them take their time to dust themselves off and get back on the road, let them be lost and let them build their own pathways. Instead of hurling them with information, advice and admonishment, listen to what they and their actions say, forget how fast everyone else is running, let that one child that you are responsible for, stumble his way through, if he must. We focus so much on the doing and getting it done that there is no time or energy left for thought. They may not grow up to be the most successful or significant people (in the current scale of success), they might not even be any more happier than if we pushed and shoved them down the ‘standardized’ road of existence, but I bet they would be a little less angry as people, a little less anxious and a lot more whole.

Weighing ‘doing’ against ‘being’ might be the scale of appropriate measure. Yielding individuals with individuality is as simple as ‘doing naught’ and ‘allowing naught to happen’, despite time!

-Penned (with extreme toil) by a torrid buff of ‘Nothingness’

By Neeti Singhal — Educational Specialist (Member of Large Scale Assessment)


Originally published at blog.ei-india.com on February 17, 2016.

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